LEO and PISCES Love Horoscope 2019- 2020. Harmony 54%, Tension 47%.

LEO woman and PISCES man Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 There is a lack of stability that feeds both Leo's and Pisces's uncertainties. Leo becomes needy and Pisces becomes distant and emotionally withdrawn.

The problem is that Leo feels that she cannot rely on Pisces. What was once an adventure no longer seems so exciting.

As a result, Pisces's unpredictable nature becomes a source of discomfort for Leo.

On the other hand, Pisces thinks that his creativity is being stifled by Leo's emotional needs. This belief may cause Pisces to rebel, finding it difficult to commit to Leo.
LEO and PISCES Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 Astrology Forecast

The major problem is one of rivalry. Leo and Pisces experienced the instant attraction that comes with meeting someone different.

They are poles apart in the way that they view the world. At first, this seemed exciting, enticing and romantic.

LEO and AQUARIUS Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 astrology reading This relationship can be a positive or a negative experience, depending on how Leo and Pisces handle intense feelings.

Some individuals thrive on intensity, while others feel threatened and powerless.

Leo is likely to feel that Pisces has transformed her life in some way.

It's likely that Pisces has changed the way that Leo feels about the world, making her conscious of things that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time.

Life is not the same for Leo once she encounters Pisces.

However, harmony seems to elude this relationship. Leo and Pisces need to find methods of communicating clearly and calmly in order for this association to succeed.

The extent of the difficulties in this relationship depends on other aspects of Leo and Pisces's association

Perhaps written communication could help take the heat out of communications, or involving a third person as an advocate could prove beneficial.