HOROSCOPE December 2018 Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries. Astrology prediction.

HOROSCOPE December 2018 Capricorn Opportunities arise for you to follow your heart's ambition, as long as you are pursuing your true purpose and not an ego-centered whim.

Bridges that may have been burnt in the past can now be mended, paving the way for more meaningful activities.

Shifts and reversals in social patterns. Sudden meetings or separations. Meetings or dealings with rigid characters.

Your common sense has flown out of the window and you yearn for greener pastures. You may find yourself daydreaming of better times or even taking up a fanatical religious pursuit.
HOROSCOPE December 2018 Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries

HOROSCOPE December 2018 Aquarius Someone or something in your life is not quite as it seems and yet, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get things out into the open.

As a result, you are confused and insecure. It could be that someone is indeed deceiving you, or it could be that you are not seeing things clearly. It is hard to discriminate. 

If you are normally challenged by the stressful aspects of Saturn-Moon transits (conjunct, square, quincunx or opposition), this is a very good time to deal with your emotions and difficult relationships

HOROSCOPE December 2018 Pisces This is a positive time when you can achieve a balance between your need for security and your need for expansion.

You have the ability to make plans that propel you closer to your goals. You may be fortunate in attracting the resources that you need for your purpose during this transit.

The effects of this transit could be felt particularly if you have been holding back on doing something.

The conscious will of the Sun is challenged by your need to expand your horizons and take in certain experiences. It is for this reason that motives could be an issue here.

HOROSCOPE December 2018 Aries You are eager to express yourself in new and exciting ways in your life but are experiencing difficulties throwing off the shackles of other people's expectations.

Others have grown used to you behaving in a certain manner and may take some time to adjust to the new you. It may also be that circumstances are restricting you.

Try to balance your perception by being careful, and take the time to understand the finer details. Calm erratic thoughts through meditation, which is a good way to start the day.