LEO and LIBRA Love Horoscope 2019- 2020. Harmony 59%, Tension 51%.

LEO and LIBRA Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 This is an inspirational relationship whether it be a romance, friendship or a creative working partnership. 

Both Leo and Libra feel excited by this union. Their imaginations are enlivened. However, it is also a difficult combination of the planets Mercury and Neptune. 

Leo and Libra need to ensure that they face this relationship honestly. Otherwise, they may both be caught in a web of deceit. 

Libra honestly believes that he knows what is right for Leo and energetically sets about trying to achieve his goals. 
LEO and LIBRA Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 Astrology Forecast

However, Leo resents these tactics and becomes critical of everything that Libra does.

Their relationship undergoes periods of upheaval, but on the whole, both Leo and Libra prefer the unexpected changes to settling into a routine. 

Together Leo and Libra are able to enjoy independence, enabling each other plenty of freedom to pursue their individual activities.

LEO man and LIBRA woman Love Compatibility 2019- 2020 Leo and Libra feel strongly drawn to each other, experiencing a sense of completeness in each other's company. 

Leo can really shine through her association with Libra. She appreciates the benefits that this union brings into her life and the way in which Libra helps her achieve her personal goals.

In turn, Libra has a greater sense of well-being through his association with Leo. 

Hurtful experiences from previous important relationships have a negative impact hampering both Libra and Leo's ability to build a secure and loving relationship. 

Rightly or wrongly, Leo often perceives Libra to be stern and critical. She has trouble allowing herself to be vulnerable.