GEMINI and PISCES Love Horoscope 2019- 2020. Harmony 53%, Tension 55%.

GEMINI and PISCES Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 You make fine music together and you both feel that you have found true romance together - and you have up to a point.

Just don't put too many expectations on each other and keep it real, otherwise one or both of you could end up feeling a bit disillusioned.

Of great importance to you, both is the maintaining of harmony in your relationship. As a couple, you have the ability to make others feel at ease and relaxed in your company.

One of the things that attracted you to each other is your mutual sense of fun.
GEMINI and PISCES Love Horoscope 2019 2020 Astrology forecast

You love spontaneity and giving each other surprises. You are both up for new experiences and get a kick out of trying new things together.

You are attracted to each other and share similar desires and aesthetic tastes.

GEMINI  man and PISCES woman Love Compatibility 2019- 2020 This combination is hard work. Expect many disagreements and arguments.

You have quite different approaches to life; one is highly sensitive and relates to others emotionally and the other is impulsive and insensitive to the needs of others.

You are honest with one another and you both want to make the other as happy as possible.

Some problems can arise over philosophical differences, extravagance or displays of indifference and neglect. Otherwise, this is a good relationship combination.

A strong emotional bond can be forged between you. You are attracted to each other and are able to relate well emotionally. You are able to pick up on each other's feelings easily.

The key to your relationship is communication and learning from one another.

An open sharing of ideas will tell you a lot about yourselves and each other. Misunderstandings only occur if you don't communicate clearly.