GEMINI and LIBRA Love Horoscope 2019- 2020. Harmony 50%, Tension 50%.

GEMINI male and LIBRA female Love Horoscope 2019- 2020 There is an element of excitement and adventure when Libra and Gemini get together, but there is also an element of insecurity.

Both Libra and Gemini enjoy the thrill of being in each other's company searching new territories together, but many relationships start with the thrill and ardor of romance only to have it fade later.

Of course, not everyone is seeking long-term commitment, but for those who are Saturn is a welcome sign.
GEMINI and LIBRA Love Horoscope 2019  2020 astrology reading

This is particularly true of connections between one person's Saturn and another person's Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Nodes.

Gemini may sometimes feel overwhelmed by Libra's expectations. On the other hand, Libra may sometimes think that Gemini does not live up to expectations.

This relationship is a significant one enabling both Gemini and Libra to grow and change, but only after some soul-searching.

As a result of this union, Gemini may find new talents and a new understanding of self and Libra may find a new role as a teacher or healer.

LIBRA and GEMINI Love Compatibility 2019 - 2020 This combination indicates a difficult liaison.

It is an especially tricky combination for personal relationships, which can thrive or fail on the basis of harmony or disharmony in communications.

The combination can also create tension in friendships and work associations.

Once the exciting first stages of the union have passed, it is likely that both Gemini and Libra become embroiled in a struggle for dominance.

There is no longer an impetus for change and the challenge has become wearisome. Now Gemini and Libra's relationship resembles a battleground in which both try to change the other.