GEMINI and LEO Love Horoscope 2019- 2020. Harmony 59%, Tension 53%.

GEMINI female and LEO male Love Horoscope 2019 - 2020 prediction Fate has played a powerful role in bringing Leo and Gemini together, but it also challenges their bond.

Perhaps theirs is an illicit love or maybe they have trouble reconciling their differences. Money may be a source of conflict. Leo and Gemini feel compelled to interact despite the difficulties.

In some cases, this union could threaten either Leo or Gemini's safety. Violence and violent situations need to be avoided at all times.
GEMINI and LEO Love Horoscope forecast 2019- 2020

Passion may be a driving force in this liaison. Both Leo and Gemini feel a strong attraction.

Rightly or wrongly, Gemini often perceives Leo to be stern and critical. She has trouble allowing herself to be vulnerable.

As a result past hurts are compounded rather than healed by this union. In turn, Leo fears emotional intimacy, putting up barriers that hinder the growth of this union.

LEO and GEMINI Love Compatibility 2019 - 2020 If Leo and Gemini share the same drive and ambition then they can successfully overcome past failures and progress in their lives together.

Together they bring an element of play and laughter into areas of their lives that were previously weighed down with pain and angst.

Together they enjoy a sense of liberation that comes from truly loving another person. Gemini is more likely to take the role of teacher or healer, having a significant effect on Leo's life choices.

In this role Gemini is also challenged to take a long, hard look at herself before imparting her wisdom. The adage "physician heal thyself" could be a theme for Gemini.

In particular, Leo may feel overwhelmed at times by the force of his own emotions or the power of Gemini's personality.

At other times Leo enjoys learning about how to be more influential in his life. Gemini feels more powerful as a result of this union with Leo, more able to achieve her ambitions.