Discover all that olive oil can do for your beauty! "Liquid gold".

There is a lot of talks lately about the benefits of all types of oils for the skin and hair, but we can not forget one of the best there is olive oil.

And that is why it is known as "liquid gold".

It is true that its use in the kitchen is very widespread, but all those kindnesses that they possess do not only serve to take care of us inside but also on the outside.

Discover all the applications of olive oil in beauty.

At AstroWikia we love products that serve several things because they allow us to save and simplify our beauty routine.
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This dry olive oil can be applied both on the body and on the hair, leaving them shiny and hydrated.

Well-known brands like Nivea are including it among the ingredients of their classic creams for their high moisturizing power.

Body Milk with Nivea Olive Oil, € 3.15

The driest skins will also find a good ally in facial care products that include this oil, since it immediately improves the softness and resistance of the skin.

Lixoné Olive Oil Facial Serum, € 11.50

If you have dry hair, you will love this line of care for olive-based hair. We are left with the cream for after washing because it leaves the hair soft without weighing it down.

Original Creme Oil Remedies Mythical Olive Garnier, € 3.45

If you are one of those who need an extra little help so that your lips are well hydrated, you have to try this balsam based on extra virgin olive oil.

Olivita Moisturizing Lip Balm, € 4.90

We love shower gels that include oils among their main ingredients because they do not dry out the skin so much.

Emulsion without soap with olive oil from Sebamed, € 10,40

This scrub is creamy and smells wonderful. It is mixed with water before applying it to create a soft foam that clears the skin of dead cells.

Olive Body Cream Scrub by The Body Shop, € 17

The moisturizing benefits of olive oil also serve to make repairing capillaries, such as this one. An authentic wonder.

Repairing Moisturizing Hair Mask from La Chinata, € 5.90

If you want to hydrate your cuticles in depth, the best thing you can do is put a little of a good olive oil in a bowl and leave your nails submerged for a couple of minutes.

Or, if not, pour some droplets on the fingers and massage so that the skin absorbs it. There is nothing better.