Weekly Horoscope October 8, 2018: LIBRA Personal and commercial business dealings are favored, and you can negotiate to your advantage.

This also extends to legal matters, should they be prominent. Your enhanced physical energy may find release in some sporting activity.

Being able to forgive and learn from such experiences is often an untapped resource of Jupiter in Scorpio. Use your perceptive sensitivity to give life more direction

Weekly Horoscope October 8, 2018: SCORPIO If there is a sense of renewed optimism, greater cheer, and humor, you are ready to take in new experiences.
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There could be a stronger idealistic tendency about you but try not to let this get out of hand. This could be a good time to let go of something that has made you feel unhappy.

If there have been events in your life which sometimes overwhelm you, try to understand the nature of these sorrows and learn to let them go.

Weekly Horoscope October 8, 2018: SAGITTARIUS If your confidence is normally low, there will be an opportunity for you to increase it.

Thus, the positive effects of this transit have much to do with personal growth, but only if you take advantage of it! If you have a tendency to take without giving, you could endure a loss.

Weekly Horoscope October 8, 2018: CAPRICORN You see life as a giant jigsaw puzzle and are happy when you can find and fit in new pieces.

You probably feel a need to travel all over the world to search for additional information. Everything around you gives you the opportunity to grow

Weekly Horoscope October 8, 2018: AQUARIUS All the research and study, all the work and service you have performed for others in this life as well as others, is paying off by allowing you to finish what you set out to do many lifetimes ago.

Too often you have been the victim, helping others who could have helped themselves, either because you felt sorry for them or because they guilt-tripped you into it.

Weekly Horoscope October 8, 2018: PISCES You are likely to be much too hard on yourself now.

Try not to belittle yourself and do not overlook the many strides you have made towards achieving your ideals. This is a time when illusions, glamour, and unrealistic fantasies may be exposed.

Though you are unusually energetic, it is hard for you to get anything done. You tend to fly off the handle and to scatter your forces