Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini.

Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018, Capricorn There can be an inner struggle between your sense of purpose, or direction, and your need for independence and freedom.

The kinds of experiences you may be subjected to can depend on a variety of factors.

Use the time to make much-needed changes. This influence depends very much on how large a role safety and security play in your professional life.

Your body asks for a little rest. You feel it when everything hurts and you have aches in places you did not even think about.
weekly horoscope november 26 capricorn, aquarius, pisces, aries, taurus, gemini

Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018, Aquarius The more frustrated you are with something, the more likely you will become angry and reactive.

An inward frustration that does not find a release can give rise to accidents, simply through your not being careful.

What you think is what you have and many times you do not realize what is in front of you until you have lost it completely, take strength.

Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018, Pisces Trust in your hunches - your intuitive powers are at their highest in this period, and you have the enthusiasm to take on any challenge.

One more week of time can be the way to start improving your relationship.

Do not throw it away without warning, take the best of that person and hold on to it.

It will be a perfect way to have a happy ending in mind.

Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018, Aries This is a higher-charged period for you emotionally, so you will probably also want to expend your energies on domestic or family matters.

Do not be afraid to look at the dates, it scares you not to be able to stop in time, but this week you have to get down to work.

It does not help to stay behind, you can not do it now that you have less time to resolve your issues.

Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018, Taurus Disruptions are typical of this transit, whether they are mechanical breakdowns, restrictions, or disagreements.

A few people may be accident prone, but it is important to know that we create accidents, they don't just happen.

You will want the end of the month to end with that certain instability, the payroll is as close as you can, a row with all your desires and do not think about what you do not have.

What you want is a palpable reality that can come little by little, but not suddenly.

Weekly Horoscope November 26, 2018, Gemini You tend to be tolerant and cosmopolitan so you will demand a job which gives you wide intellectual and cultural horizons - even the opportunity to travel long distances abroad.

Being on vacation or be soon means you can start doing what you like, and enjoy a great joy that you use to motivate and feel in shape. In this way you will be able to face fatigue in a vital way.