Horoscope 2018 SAGITTARIUS September, October and November. Astro Forecast.

Monthly Horoscope SAGITTARIUS September 2018  You can be very emotional, and react with enthusiasm to events.

You should beware of the urge to be in authority. Your lesson in all this is to achieve a balance between the spiritual dimension of reality and ordinary life.

Feelings of confusion may come up for you, and you may feel yourself to be in the grip of compulsions of which you had been unaware until the present moment.

You may also feel a heightened sense of kinship with all life.

It is a fateful period in which your responsibilities to others and your role in society can become very important.
Horoscope 2018 SAGITTARIUS September to November

Good time to make family-type decisions, those small problems that come dragging are solved by sharing them with them.

Monthly Horoscope SAGITTARIUS October 2018 You can experience two sides of things at the same time, and you may tend to be flighty.

You move through life like a butterfly, engaging in many varied experiences to gain knowledge.

You are witty and have a good sense of humor, and you are likely to be an excellent conversationalist.

This transit affects public life, including work and career, as well as ego assertion, and the authority figures in your life.

Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general.

You may feel restrictions threatening to your cherished illusions, which may have the effect of redefining the very ideals by which you live.

Everything you propose will work out well, your partner will be predisposed to everything you organize. Give yourself a break and enjoy the love.

Monthly Horoscope SAGITTARIUS November 2018 Your security needs may manifest as a fixation for a place to reside which can be completely safe or controlled.

You have a strong survival urge and are likely to go through many changes in your relationship to your home environment as you go through life.

You may also embrace new values of a more philosophical or religious nature, and these can become an important component of intimate relationships.

This is a time when time will stand still for a while so that you can take stock of your ambitions and goals in life and see where they have led you.

Be patient in your work with a partner will make you so nervous that you can say things that you will regret.