Horoscope 2018 CAPRICORN September, October and November. Astro Forecast.

Monthly Horoscope CAPRICORN September 2018 You are your own person and do not concern yourself with conformity if it does not connect to your logical and practical experience.

Tradition is only recognized if it has earned your respect.

You have difficulties performing tasks if you're not allowed to work in your own way and learn through personal mistakes.

The test or lesson of this transit is to allow a person to take responsibility for inner motives and to control certain tendencies, such as the manipulation of other people.
Horoscope 2018 CAPRICORN September October November prediction

Others within the family circle may not agree with your ideas to start with, but they will come round to your way of thinking soon, providing you go with your intuition.

Monthly Horoscope CAPRICORN October 2018 You often spend money as fast as you earn it.

Money and material possessions may represent concrete symbols to you of your power and strength.

Perhaps you emphasize and solidify your zest for life by showing those around you how well you manage to achieve the goals that you have set yourself.

For some, this transit can induce a number of false starts--raising your blood pressure and even causing volatile behavior.

This is a good time to make a proper choice, claim some space, channel anger or other emotions, rebirth.

You will make yourself heard, both at work, and in your home environment.  You have a strong sense of right action.

Monthly Horoscope CAPRICORN November 2018 With Neptune in this house of your horoscope, your mind can be used for creative expression or writing.

Such presentations can be imaginative, and if other indicators promote it, you may write poetry. If you find it difficult to concentrate on academic work, you will need to apply discipline in order to do well.

Some individuals may be more prone to experience various forms of erroneous expectations. They might come in the form of financial spending or investments.

This is a good time to buy gadgets that have a purpose within the home environment, but take care with any kind of electrical device.