Basic recommendations for your company's cyber-security!

One of the main motivations to attack the servers of companies is to get the juicy loot of personal data that are stored on their computers, which sometimes are not as well protected as you would expect.

This insufficient security has a double consequence for the company that keeps them, since in addition to totally paralyzing the activity of the attacked company causing damages and delays in production, it creates a crisis of confidence in its customers that affects its future growth.

Computer security is increasingly necessary in the business world

These are some of the keys to choosing the right security solutions for your company that adapt exactly to your needs, keeping all corporate operations protected.

1. Classify the information

The classification of the information to be protected will help you establish priorities and determine the implementation of policies to control access to this data, proportionally increasing security for the most critical data of the company.

Realizing a realistic classification of the information that is managed in the company is one of the pillars for the correct choice of security solutions for the company, since this classification will indicate which protection systems each type of data needs and which users can access to them.

2. Understand the needs of the company

The implementation of a business security solution should act as a barrier for the attackers, never for the users and the personnel of the company that should use the equipment to carry out their work.

To avoid this type of inconvenience it is necessary to understand the work dynamics of the company, know which are the most critical areas and define the objectives that are intended to be achieved.

3. Integrated security tools

Malware and cybercriminals use increasingly complex techniques to carry out their misdeeds without arousing the suspicion of security systems.

For this reason, it is especially important to have multilayer protection systems that work in an integrated and proactive way so that nothing escapes their control.

In addition, these security solutions must be easy to implement and manage in a business environment they usually have a large number of computers.

4. State-of-the-art endpoint protection

When we talk about the protection of the equipment of a company, having an antivirus in the endpoints is not always enough.

Other aspects should also be considered, such as the protection of data hosted on the servers or remote administration to reduce costs in the management of endpoints.

More and more mobile devices are being used as endpoints from which companies' servers are accessed. ESET endpoint protection solutions allow you to remotely manage the security of these devices, and ensure that the connection from them is made securely.

5. Qualified technical staff

Would you leave the protection of your company in the hands of someone who does not know how to configure the security tools that have been implemented?

Most likely not, that is why it is so important to have a computer security staff who knows how the systems control and protection tools work.

Having trained personnel willing to investigate the operation of security tools to implement them correctly will be one of the main keys to the success of the company's security strategy.