Weekly Horoscope September 3, 2018, VIRGO Love and romance will be given an extra boost right now, which can make for very pleasant time for you.

This is altogether a pleasant and enjoyable transit as well as one that can be productive of long-term benefits if you look ahead beyond the immediate pleasures of the moment, and try not to over-extend yourself.

At this time, you are more aware of your limitations and responsibilities than usual.

This transit affects public life, including work and career, as well as ego assertion, and perhaps authority figures, and can last for several months.
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Weekly Horoscope September 3, 2018, LIBRA The rage that you accumulate must come out in order to let happiness enter.

You imagine that you could eliminate that inner pain of the past from your life. Stop imagining and get to work.

Visualize a hand that is removing one by one those thorns that are stuck in the depths of the soul.

Feel how they are disappearing, do not separate from them, save them.

Weekly Horoscope September 3, 2018,  SCORPIO Your whole life is in flux, especially your public life, including work and career, as well as your ego assertion, and possibly authority figures.

Things are changing for you at this time, and you may have trouble keeping up with the pace of events.

These events are forcing something to emerge from the somewhere deep inside of you - what is it? Holding back can only make things crazier. It's time to give up and just go "with the flow".

Weekly Horoscope September 3, 2018, SAGITTARIUS You are the most important person in your work.

A much more decisive piece of what you think moves to the sound of the strings played by the bosses.

Many times you are in the middle, you must make them feel safe to have you, but you also become responsible for having to give some bad news. Avoid this type of actions this week.

Weekly Horoscope September 3, 2018, CAPRICORN Friends or children will make you feel a little emotional, and you may even feel like crying for no apparent reason.  You may become restless and moody.

This is a good period for any kind of business or financial dealings.  You may find yourself telling someone that you love them, or talking to friends about your love life more freely.

Pay attention to the things you do and slow down a bit. Remember, discipline. Pour constructive energy and action into communication, writing, reading, and anything of a mental nature.

Weekly Horoscope September 3, 2018, AQUARIUS The feelings that we generate in front of the people we like are not always the same.

At certain times they are too conditioned by our thoughts.

No two loves are the same and there are not two people alike.

Do not try to see in that person the reflection of the previous one, because surely you will never get to see it. You have to think with your heart.