Weekly Horoscope September 10, 2018, LIBRA  You compensate for overdoing in the area of life represented by the focal point, by leaning toward the empty pattern element opposite the focal point, seeking to balance your activity.

The lesson of this planetary aspect pattern is in learning to use your considerable energy wisely in the pursuit of your true goals.

You will have great emotional strength during this period of time so it may be the perfect time to stand up for yourself and take on that person or group you have been intending to confront.

Weekly Horoscope September 10, 2018, SCORPIO You can be autocratic and may appear selfish, or bent on getting your own way.
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You have tremendous drive, and will likely go far, but you might need to beware of too much ego-involvement in being on top.

You question whether to go with the changes you feel thrust upon you or try to hold on to outmoded behavior that has, in reality, lost its usefulness for you by this time.

Weekly Horoscope September 10, 2018, SAGITTARIUS You are very idealistic and see the best side of everyone.

You are happy and fun to be around.

You are also apt to be impatient. You tend to react to situations with action rather than with reflection.

Being the object of someone is not one of your objectives precisely.

You most certainly do not like that feeling of being part of a whole and identifying yourself as such. This week you will take out your most individualized side, it will simply be you.

Weekly Horoscope September 10, 2018, CAPRICORN You have bosses who want to do much more than seems possible.

The objectives will be through the clouds and that will be noticed in the way of asking for things.

If you work in banking it is impossible that you can close deals with many people who are on vacation, you will have to plan the possible appointments.

You'd better look for other ways to make it possible. Start by being realistic.

Weekly Horoscope September 10, 2018, AQUARIUS Security is very important and may take the form of striving for achievement or material rewards.

You may display a tendency to introversion. You may also have strong psychic powers.

Your lesson is to more fully and deeply understand and value your true origins, leading to a better sense of security and greater self-acceptance.

Weekly Horoscope September 10, 2018, PISCES Change and variety excite you. Your mutability and urge for change may lead you into non-traditional areas.

You are a free spirit, whose goal in life is in bringing new ideas into being.

Aging is one of your most recent obsessions. You feel that you have been too aware of others and now you look in the mirror, contemplating the image of a person who seems to have been lost in a sea of wrinkles.