Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Virgo Your mood helps you overcome the bumps, but you must save efforts; you tend not to put any brake when it comes to spending energy.

A last-minute commitment leads you to change plans. Be careful, do not disguise a saint to dress another, be wise.

If you remove negative ideas from your mind, you will not only favor your organism, but also everything else.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Libra With the great planetary activation in the friendship sector, you must be available to the people around you.
Weekly Horoscope July 9 Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

The air of renewal is very present and active in your sentimental world, and that can mean the beginning of a new relationship, a new reality ... and the end of your loneliness.

Make a little mistake a mountain is a symptom of lack of security in yourself. Turn the circumstances around.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Scorpio Your objectives and professional plans are at an optimum time to obtain the best results.

Auto-suggestion can act as a remedy; or the opposite. Think well about it.

With emotions on the surface, it is difficult to make a good decision. Do not rush if you do not see yourself able to give an answer.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Sagittarius Some annoyances can force you to stop your activities, but what you really need is to stop at once.

Altered emotions affect your defenses. Therefore, do not be surprised if these days your body undertakes a 'cleaning' or if it changes.

If you have little time for yours, some reproach could put you on notice.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Capricorn You are a scattered person, and now you are going to be much more. Give priority to what is really important to improve yourself.

Valuing what you have achieved would be fine, but you do not have the head for that. It will be others who alert you now.

Learn now to be more routine with the things that you need to keep, if you want your welfare to benefit.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018, Aquarius The answer you want will come when you least expect it, so change your mood, show yourself positive and overcome the stagnant emotions.

If someone suggests that you change organizational tactics, in order to focus on things, take it as good advice. The outcome of what you do depends on you.

Everything should be wonderful. If it is not like that, you should seek and promote harmony in the office.