Weekly Horoscope July 30, 2018, LEO Go ahead and make those decisions. You can see the road ahead and will make the right choices.

Your efforts are frustrated, provoking you to feel resentful and overburdened. If anger is an issue for you, learn to manage it now.

This is also an excellent time to hire a trainer or to join a gym. You’re being challenged to learn control.

Weekly Horoscope July 30, 2018, VIRGO With the good weather you will want to go with your boy to outdoor places to which you have been wanting to go for months.

Pluto will bring you closer.
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A surge of independence, a need for freedom, and an interest in trying new and different things may take hold of you.

Weekly Horoscope July 30, 2018, LIBRA The emotions that may be appearing during this week may lead you to take a series of tumbles without being clear in the right direction.

You may have to take action on the issue of a family problem.

Getting rid of certain setbacks will not be good.

In some moments raising your head is much better in the medium term than hiding it underground.

Weekly Horoscope July 30, 2018, SCORPIO Your work capacity will be to the limit. It is possible that if you put yourself to it, achieve your goals.

If you have some savings do not stop investing in safe places.

A good time to read a romantic book or take in a movie. Ideas and thoughts will have greater meaning and form just now.

You may be very eloquent or forceful in speaking or communicating.

Weekly Horoscope July 30, 2018, SAGITTARIUS You will be able to enjoy your good vibrations in love plane of your life.

There may be some good romantic moments in you.

When you take out that delicate spark that you carry inside you are an authentic jewel.

If you always show willing to give everything in love, the results would be quite different than the current ones.

You need to be more direct and less dapper.

Weekly Horoscope July 30, 2018, CAPRICORN Do not speed up too much with your partner next to you.

When driving up to you want to reach the goal as soon as possible.

If your partner wants to enjoy the landscape and reach your destination quietly you could have a problem.

Remember that the important thing about these little trips to happiness is not the destination, but the trip.