Weekly Horoscope August 13, 2018, VIRGO You need a job that gives you the financial backing you need.

Even if you especially like what you do in your day-to-day life, you have to have an economic background behind you.

Put on the table your working conditions and do not forget that the most important thing is to have money to be able to carry out your life without doing without what it makes you enjoy.

Weekly Horoscope August 13, 2018, LIBRA Best overtime with the help of others. If you are loaded with everything you have ahead of you, surely you will end the day and the week on the floor.
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Although it means having less money many times the important thing is to enjoy some time of rest.

There is no money that is able to make you recover health or hours without yours.

Weekly Horoscope August 13, 2018, SCORPIO You could throw the car over the scree and start the day on the wrong foot.

When you throw yourself to say what you think, you can get everything out very well or on the contrary, you can generate unnecessary conflict.

The pious lies were invented for something, you never know when you will be able to use them.

Sometimes you prefer to tell a half-truth hoping that it reinforces your relationship.

Weekly Horoscope August 13, 2018, SAGITTARIUS The reality can be too overwhelming. In days like this week, it will be hard for you not to lose sight of what is in front of you.

You may need to touch your feet less with the ground. What you have to do will simply do it whether you want to or not, worrying about something that has not happened is not good at all.

It is better that you are willing to let your imagination fly a little more.

Weekly Horoscope August 13, 2018, CAPRICORN The excitement produced by an excess of caffeine can be a way to stay alert and it is clear that you may have problems with this drink.

The specialists recommend two cups a day, if you choose to increase the dose you will arrive at night with eyes like plates and nerves through the floors.

You have to be realistic and look for other alternatives to stay awake.

Weekly Horoscope August 13, 2018, AQUARIUS You will not like your work situation this week. When it comes to making everything change or at least be modified by some elements that have been harming you.

You are not going to charge more money overnight, you just have to take charge of what you earn and not spend more than that figure or you will enter a very dangerous cycle.