JAMES and MARY numerology zodiac compatibility calculator. Love Compatibility by First name.

Name Compatibility Love Compatibility & Percentage by First name, James and Mary: Harmony 48%, Tension 68%

James and Mary experienced the instant attraction that comes with meeting someone different. They are poles apart in the way that they view the world. At first, this seemed exciting, enticing and romantic.

As times moves on, and the initial excitement wears off, they are presented with the obstacle of communicating with someone who views the world in a different manner.

James is outgoing and communicative, seeking mental stimulation in love relationships. Mary is more sensitive, emotional and possessive, and shows her love through caring and nurturing behavior.
JAMES and MARY numerology love compatibility by first name

James would far rather have a stimulating discussion than being smothered in all the love that Mary wants to give.

Mary, James inspires you to use your imagination and see things in a compassionate light but you may often feel disappointment in the relationship because dreams turn out to be illusions.

Be aware that your latent tendency to idealize your loved one is strongly stimulated.

The relationship may require a certain element of sacrifice perhaps, because of some unhappiness, illness or existential emptiness which afflicts him.

This contact shows a strong romantic bond between you, with the focus on romance, enjoyment, and pleasure.

The essential thing is to avoid spoilt behavior and to use your considerable charms with restraint.

Falling in love and remaining in love are the main priorities in the relationship and you, James, will do what you can to shower Mary with affection - just as you have a strong need for her to focus her daily life on satisfying and reassuring you with regard to your value in her life.

In particular, James needs to be wary of losing his sense of self. It would be easy for James to be deceived by Mary either through his own need to believe in a dream or through Mary's behavior.

Mary needs to be wary of becoming secretive and dishonest within this association. As the relationship develops Mary may become confused about the true meaning of her bond with James leading to a need to hide her true feelings.

On a more positive note, Mary and James may have other more positive connections in their relationship astrology that enables them to work through their problems in a loving and compassionate manner.