Aura of mystery: 5 Oriental perfumes to leave a mark. Your Scent is Your Signature

Sensual and warm, there are not many perfumes that can rival the so-called orientals. Its olfactory trace is recognizable among thousands by a tasty mixture of spicy and sweet aromas, such as vanilla, leather or tonka bean that we find in both male and female perfumes.

Also known as amber, they are warm and powerful, covering any skin of a mysterious sensuality.

Contrary to citrus fruits that are characterized mainly by their cheerful and energetic appearance, or florals that leave an essentially fresh and very romantic mark (the rose is THE flower par excellence), Orientals have a more subtle and imperceptible impact that make them splendid aromas of desire.

Oriental perfumes usually have very pronounced background notes, from plants such as patchouli whose smell can last for days.

5 Oriental Fragrances Your Scent is Your Signature

Its history is not recent, in the 20th century it conquered half the world with the creations of Fran├žois Coty. Since then, its boom was unstoppable.

Today it is, with gourmand perfumes, one of the olfactory families that are best sold in the market.

Some perfumes like Shalimar by Jacques Guerlain, created in 1925 in homage to the gardens created by Emperor Shah Jahan, went through the years and centuries until they became icons.

In the same way, the Petite Robe Noire has gone down in history, in all its versions.

1) Mugler
Mugler signs one of his most potent fragrances with Alien (€ 74/100 ml) whose notes of jasmine, Cashmeran wood, and white amber make it an oriental aroma par excellence.

2) Yves Saint Laurent
Black Opium is the quintessential oriental gourmand of Yves Saint Laurent (€ 57.30 / 50 ml), mixing the pink pepper with pear, coffee, jasmine, vanilla, and cedar among others.

3) Paco Rabanne
Olympea by Paco Rabanne (€ 110/100 ml) is part of the oriental floral family. It conquers us for its notes of green tangerine, jasmine and lily flower among others.

4) Dolce and Gabbana
Another oriental floral perfume is the iconic The One Essence by Dolce & Gabbana (€ 92.50 / 40 ml). Let yourself be conquered by its combination of tangerine, peach, lily, midge, vetiver and vanilla.

5) Boucheron
The EDP Oud de Carthage de Boucheron (€ 152/100 ml) pays tribute to oud wood, characteristic of Tunisia. If you are looking for a deep oriental, this is yours.