10 songs that you will send on WhatsApp to your friends. 10 songs to celebrate friendship.

Heartbreaks, breakups, discussions, humiliations but mostly a lot of laughs and complicity. It's time to celebrate it all in music.

With the explosion of social networks and applications, we have lost the account. And in some way, the real concept of friendship coming to associate acquaintances with real friendships.

According to researchers at the University of Tel Aviv and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, less than half of the people we consider "friends" are seen as such.

A disagreement and mismatch with the reality that calls us to reflect ...

Who would really give everything for me?
10 songs to celebrate friendship on whatsapp

Although the answer could disappoint you and surprise you, it is not about discouraging you or throwing away the relationships that you have been building for years, but about identifying the people that make you really happier and with which you get to have a respectful exchange and much complicity.

But it is not the only thing that obviously comes into account, loyalty and patience are two other factors that determine. And for that reason, not judging rises as the backbone of this relationship.

Because this relationship that links you to one or more special people can not die under any circumstances, we suggest you discover or remember 10 songs to celebrate friendship up close (and declare your best friend for the umpteenth time).

Acknowledgments, passion, complicity but also difficulties, everything is mentioned. And maybe one will help you overcome a particularly difficult situation, such as returning to be friends with a man you were with or a person who disappointed you.

Friendship, like love, is too precious to let her agonize.

10 songs to celebrate friendship

1) With a Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles (1967)
With the help of our friends, everything seems a bit easier. This is how the British legend group reminds us that it definitely encourages us and shudders at every moment, with this not so well-known song ...

2) Stay Free - The Clash (1978)
The group also deals with friendship in its own way, that is to say with provocation, with this story of a story that was born in school and that despite everything (including jail) did not stop.

3) Friends Will Be Friends - Queen (1986)
Another song of the legend group that celebrates friendship is this title that makes it clear that it is forever: "When you are tired of living and you will not have hope, give your hand because your friends will be with you until the end".

4) Thank You - Dido (1999)
We all have days when it seems that nothing goes as it should and this special person who encourages us emerges. And luckily, as this sweet song by Dido reminds us.

5) Thank You for Being a Friend - Andrew Gold (1978)
This curious classic of music is another declaration of friendship as a letter of thanks.

6) My friends - Red Hot Chili Peppers (1995)
Not even the darkest moments can collapse a friendship. It is this lesson that leaves us the American group that also triumphed with hits like Californication.

7) I'll Be There - The Jackson 5 (1970)
This unforgettable song by the Jackson brothers leaves us a beautiful message of friendship but also of love: wherever you are, you can count on me.

8) Cool - Gwen Stefani (2004)
Did you ever try to maintain a friendship with a man with whom you had a love story? The American singer tells in this exciting song the difficulties of this situation.

9) Just friends - Amy Winehouse (2006)
It's one of the little gems that the jazz artist left us. It is about the difficulty of being "just friends" with a person for whom we feel something else: "When we will find the time to be friends, just friends ...

10) Stand by me - Ben E. King (1962)
While you are with me, I will not fear anything. This beautiful message envelops us like a caress ... A must of jazz.