WIKI: The ideal age for marriage according to the zodiac!

Astrology: The ideal age for marriage according to the zodiac. From Aries to Libra!

ARIES: You want to sit down at your house as soon as possible and prove enough maturity that you can handle it as a wife even as late as 20 years.

The stars advice: when you feel you have found a partner as serious and involved as you do not hesitate, even though many will say that you are too young to make the big step.

TAURUS: The unsettled nature makes you throw in a relationship or even a marriage at the first impulse, without thinking. So quickly you can come to regret it.

The Advice of the Stars: Wait for 30 years and get to know your partner well before you make such an important step. Marriage is not a play.

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GEMINI: If you are 25 years old and you are still unmarried, you feel distracted. For you, fulfillment as a woman can only be found with the loved man.

The advice of the stars: do not hesitate to formalize your relationship as soon as possible; wife status helps you feel safe, protected, and more confident in yourself.

CANCER: How do you like to dominate and hold control, do not expect to be asked for marriage, you even launch the question. The younger you are, the more naive you are.

The advice of the stars: do not rush to the altar, expect to convince yourself that you are indeed making the right choice; for that, you should wait until 30 years, when you have enough confidence in him and you.

LEO: You are quite indecisive about marriage. On the one hand, it suits your idea, on the other, you want to be childish.

Advice: Just over the age of 35, you can say that you have accumulated enough experience to choose a partner who is knowledgeable and likely to succeed.

VIRGO: You do not settle for less in any respect and the harder you decide about the future husband. When you are sure you met him and asked for marriage, he does not look for a knot in the rush.

The advice of the stars: it is good not to be too young or old when you dress the bridal dress. Over 25 and under 30 would be the ideal age for you.

LIBRA: The most possessive of the zodiac can hardly wait for the vows of love to seal his love to death. However, an act does not guarantee immortal feelings.

The advice of the stars: You do not have the maturity to marry in your youth. Wait for 30 years if you want a lifetime union.