PISCES July 2018 Monthly Horoscope forecast for Love, Luck and Money.

PISCES July 2018 Monthly Horoscope prediction

You tend to be choosy in love because you need someone who can accommodate your need for freedom and independence.

You are attracted to exotic and unusual partners who are independent and up-to-date in their outlooks. A lover who is emotionally dependent or clingy would make you feel very uncomfortable.

Travel is likely to be a major aspect of your professional life.

Vocational potentialities can include academic work, publishing, law, counseling or consulting work and the clergy. You may gain recognition in a field of higher learning.
PISCES July 2018 Monthly Horoscope Prediction

New and interesting people will enter your life now and introduce you to many new experiences, some of which you may never have thought possible.

Whether you enjoy these experiences or not will depend on how you feel about the change in general.

Whatever your personal circumstances, you will be restless and unsettled; you may also experience disturbed sleep.

PISCES July 2018 Monthly Horoscope reading. Generally speaking, you have quick reflexes and an ability to work fast under pressure.

You are at your best when faced with challenging situations and the pressure of deadlines. Adventure or high-octane sports excite you, but you need to take care to avoid injuries and accidents.

On the personal front, you can expect to relate well to people; you will seem to have an instinct for others' needs.

Women, in particular, can be beneficial in your life at the moment.

This is one of the best times for traveling overseas, or having visitors from far-off places come to stay.

If anything negative can be said about this transit, it would be that you may notice a tendency to overeating or oversensitivity.

Expect your understanding of the world to broaden - this may be experienced through such things as long-distance travel, higher education, or simply by being more outreaching and embracing of life and others.