WIKI Viktor Orban promises to fight for his country: The European Union is not in Brussels.

2018 Parliamentary Elections in Hungary - Massive vote: over 42% at 14.00. Viktor Orban promise to fight for his country: The European Union is not in Brussels. It's in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest.

7.9 million citizens are expected to vote Sunday to decide the names of the 199 members of the Budapest Parliamentary House, the right-wing nationalist Viktor Orban being the favorite for a third term.

At 14.00, the ballot box exceeded 42 percent, is the largest vote cast in the last 16 years, with some polling stations queuing at some polling stations.

After voting in these elections, Viktor Orban promised to fight for Hungary. He said the European Union is not in Brussels, but in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, and Bucharest.
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The presence in the Hungarian parliamentary elections was over 42 percent, at 14.00, is the highest turnout in the last 16 years, shows the data of the National Electoral Bureau, according to Reuters.

Thus, the vote was 42.32%, given that 34.33% of the voters voted in the previous elections from 2014 until the same time.

In some sections, people stood in queues to vote,  the largest mobilization being in Budapest, where the ballot was 45.52% at 14.00.

Analysts say a 70% participation in these elections could signe an effective mobilization of the opposition, which could cause Fidesz, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's party, to lose its parliamentary majority.

In the 2014 elections, by 14.00, 34.33% voted in the voters, 35.88 in 2010, 38.22% in 2006 and 40.19% in 2002.

Right-wing nationalist Viktor Orban promised to fight for Hungary on Sunday after voting in parliamentary elections, at which his party, Fidesz, is a favorite, Reuters reports.

"Now I will go to mobilize voters... I ask everyone to take part in the elections, "he said after voting in Budapest.

Asked by journalists if he was fighting with the European Union, Orban replied:  "The European Union is not in Brussels. The European Union is in Berlin, Budapest, Prague, and Bucharest. "

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Orban said he would defend Hungary's interests and that his country is a loyal member of international organizations: "We love our country and we fight for our country".

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