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WIKI. With the arrest of Keith Raniere, leader of a recognized self-help group for the development of human potential, he was exposed to a fraud of more than two decades that enslaved women and marked them as cattle.

It also works other active sects that mix religious precepts to manipulate and indoctrinate people.

Raniere founded the Nxvim Group in 1998 with former nurse and coach Nancy Salzman in new York. The organization is described on the Internet as a "community guided by humanitarian principles that seeks to empower people and answer fundamental questions about what it means to be human."

However, on March 25, Raniere was arrested and deported to the United States, where charges of sex trafficking were awaited.
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According to the allegations, Raniere made women believe that the best way forward in life was to become a "slave" supervised by  "Amos ", who also had to have sex with him, referring to the BBC.

Like Nxvim, there are other sects that resemble self-help courses or are presented as religious circles, when in fact they hide a dark side difficult to identify.


It is pronounced 'Nexium' and started in New York as a "personal and professional development program". So he organized seminars and training courses for people "concerned about developing their skills".

However, in recent years his founder known as "the avant-garde" by his followers, has been the target of comments and accusations of harassment.

In October 2017 the New York Times published an article that showed the dark side of this "circle of support", which had ramifications in Canada, Mexico and Guatemala.

The publication tells how the women of the sect were marked in the pelvis with an incandescent iron tip as part of an initiation ritual. 

It was also known that one of the requirements to be admitted was to give his recruiter photos or compromising material, as a guarantee of silence.


Nuwaubianismo also arose in New York in the decade of the 70 and soon had its soothes in Georgia, from where it defends the supremacy of the blacks. 

Its leader, Dwight York, was accused in 2004 of child sexual abuse by members of his sect and money laundering, La Nación reports.

This kind of theology became increasingly obscure, though it began as a branch of Islam. With the passage of time the group made more heterogeneous and incorporated elements of the Native American religions, the Masonic Ritual, Christianity, Judaism and the cult of UFOs, although the main influence was based on ancient Egypt.

Despite all the beliefs, York was accused of using the group as a personal harem as he had sexual relations with his followers, many of them under age.

Happy Science:

Happy Science was founded in 1986 by the Japanese Ryuho Okawa who claims to have had "a revelation". According to Okawa, he is the human incarnation of a supreme being called "El Cantare" and claims to receive guidance from more than 500 "high spirits" who have had a profound impact on world history, although the precepts of the sect are based on the Buddhism.

According to Happy science,  "To achieve true happiness, also known as Enlightenment, members practice every day the teachings of Ryuho Okawa praying, studying the teachings, pondering and meditating."

Okawa wrote 2300 books and gave more than 1600 public lectures according to the sect's website, although he also dabbled in politics in a party that wanted to declare war on North Korea.