Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, CANCER, LEO, VIRGO.

Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: ARIES

LOVE: You are not always right in the confrontations with your partner. Outside of the house, you are more loving and permissive, do not abuse your feelings.

LUCK: You will have to mediate between two relatives to be reconciled, something that will not be easy for you, organize a meal and that will be the beginning.

WORK AND MONEY: In the workplace, follow a routine, it will be the most advisable to finish everything on time. Changes can create instability and you need to maintain the economy.

Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: TAURUS

LOVE: Your character impulses and take you to always live with hope love for you because your partner is one of the most important things in life.


LUCK: You should control your appetite if you do not want to gain weight, anxiety gives you to eat and it is something that you have to modify.

WORK AND MONEY: You will have the opportunity to meet a person who proposes a job, or interesting business without having anything to do with what you do, do not reject it and study it.

Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: GEMINI

LOVE: The feelings have to be expressed and shared, if you do not do it, you run the risk that the relationship will fail, do not allow it.

LUCK: Worries can excessively affect your nervous system, and with it, the relationship with your family, take things more calmly.

WORK AND MONEY: If you make a proposal to change category, do not hesitate, even if it means more effort.

Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: CANCER

Love: Communication is not good with your partner, do not follow that line, or eventually this will hurt the relationship more than you want.

Luck: A good outdoor walk will take you out of the nervous situation you've accumulated lately, try to relax.

Work and money: the investment possibilities you have now, you must take advantage of, the gains will be fast and productive. Enjoy what you have.

Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: LEO

Love: Now you can say that you have a great love, you feel loved, and sure of your feelings, try not to make things crazy, and do not argue.

Luck: If you go shopping do not overdo it, you know that, on many occasions, you buy what you do not need.

Work and money: if you want to keep up with the pace you've been in lately, you'd better look for an extra job, your economy won't let you for long.

Weekly Horoscope May 7, 2018: VIRGO

LOVE: Your partner lately is very worried and you do not do the case that deserves, avoid mistakes and be more loving, you need it.

LUCK: This week you will have a lucky day, everything you do will turn out great. You will have a good relationship with the people in your family.

WORK AND MONEY: Your pocket is going to recover, take the time to save, and try to avoid at all costs that weakness of spending, to spend.