Weekly Horoscope June 11, 2018: LIBRA

This transit activates the process of distancing yourself from outmoded principles, obligations, and structures.

These will be replaced with new frameworks, which are more pertinent to your future needs. Essentially, one phase of life is being brought sharply into focus and toward an eventual end and a new phase is being cemented into place.

Difficulties will no doubt be apparent throughout the year, but if confronted and dealt with, the long-term gains outweigh the short-term pains.

Weekly Horoscope June 11, 2018: SCORPIO

LOVE: An unexpected celebration will make you meet a very special person that will make your day, if you want continuity depends on you.


LUCK: You need to relax, a bit of tranquility will not come at all bad and if you pass by the physio you will feel much better.

WORK AND MONEY: Do not be nervous and wait for the events that come to you at work. Good time for the economy and all kinds of investment.

Weekly Horoscope June 11, 2018: SAGITTARIUS

Your relations with your co-workers or employees should be relatively good now and, in general, you should enjoy your work throughout this period.

Positively, this transit has the potential to transform your approach to love and relationships. If you meet someone at this time, his or her influence could stay with you for the whole of your life.

Weekly Horoscope June 11, 2018: CAPRICORN

LOVE: This week it will seem like a lie to you, it is as if you were in a dream because it is not like that, the sower collects, now is the time to gather, do not delay it.

LUCK: You will spend an excellent time both physically and mentally, you will feel very strong and capable of doing anything that comes your way.

WORK AND MONEY: This week is the perfect time to ask your superiors for a raise, they will not deny it, thus the economy will improve.

Weekly Horoscope June 11, 2018: AQUARIUS

During this period you may feel motivated to change your relationship with your family and, if necessary, heal any long-standing hurts or difficulties.

This can also be a good time for transforming or changing your domestic arrangements.

Expect to lead a more modest and simple lifestyle, with the need to consolidate and economize.

Family and domestic matters seem to go well at this time and buying or selling real-estate, or moving home is favored under this transit.

Weekly Horoscope June 11, 2018: PISCES

You may become the object of someone's romantic desires, or you, in turn, could be smitten with another.

Established relationships, too, can go through a period of increased warmth and affection.

Travel for enjoyment and pleasure is favored now, if affordable.

Less positively, arguments caused by exaggerated expectations, negligence or differences of opinion can mar relationships.