Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, CANCER, LEO, VIRGO.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: ARIES

You have a great wealth of feeling and compassion, coupled with a deep and sincere desire to look after or help those in need. Your interest in spiritual subjects is likely to grow now and you may experience unusual insights.

Basically, this transit brings the rewards of hard work proportional to the amount of effort you put in.

However, if you simply sit around enjoying the feelings of well-being it induces, you will have little to show for it in your life after it passes.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: TAURUS


At this time, you have the potential to make progress in your career or in some other area of personal significance.

By displaying a confident and optimistic attitude, you attract the attention of those who can help you advance in life.

Women, in particular, can be beneficial in your life at the moment. This is one of the best times for traveling overseas, or having visitors from far-off places come to stay.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: GEMINI

LOVE: The feelings are good, but you do not end up trusting your partner, if you want everything to go well, you just have to speak clearly, and with your heart in your hand.

LUCK: You have to put your batteries, your energies are low, something red, it will fill you with energy.

WORK AND MONEY: If you want to get that place, you will have to fight for it, study and you will get it. Try to invest, you can earn more money than you think.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: CANCER

Spiritually, this can be a very enriching time, especially if you are generally quite self-possessed and secure.

Absolutely, this is a good time for being of service to others and concentrating on spiritual development.

You may feel compelled to change your overall direction in life now or to make changes in your domestic life. In either case, this transit will help these.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: LEO

LOVE: If you do not have a partner, get down to work and open your heart to that person who loves you so much and has been waiting so long for your decision.

LUCK: Try to wear comfortable shoes at all times, and more if you go to the field, this can prevent you from finishing exhausted.

WORK AND MONEY: An acquaintance could propose a business or investment, think before acting and read the fine print so you will not get any surprises. Be careful.

Weekly Horoscope July 9, 2018: VIRGO

You are at risk from viewing life and others through "rose-tinted glasses". Take special care with "sure bets" and "get-rich-quick schemes", because there is a very real danger now that your ability to make financial decisions is seriously impaired.

Your primary motivation now is to find out more about yourself and to determine what your priorities are.

You may tend to withdraw from others more than usual, or come across as cooler and more reserved, perhaps even a bit conservative.