Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, CANCER, LEO, VIRGO.

Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: ARIES

Relationships are a source of frustration during this time. Your relationship with your partner may be the source of your troubles.

Perhaps circumstances or someone else's actions are blocking your path to a special relationship.

A little patience will see you through this time to greener pastures, particularly if you use this time to slow down and reconsider your options.

Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: TAURUS

LOVE: Sit quietly, and talk to your spouse, and you will see how the jealousy problem you have will be solved better than you think.


LUCK: Today is a good day to go out with friends and have fun, you have a lot of pressure, and this will relax you.

WORK AND MONEY: If you intend to ascend, you'd better take it seriously, nothing you're doing now, help you. Do not waste your savings.

Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: GEMINI

You have just the right mix between discipline and creativity. You may also find yourself reassessing your life and gaining inner understanding before moving forward in a new direction.

The trouble is that you lack the ability to balance your need for emotional security with your enthusiasm for the pleasures of life.

The result can be a lackadaisical approach to life which irritates others and gets you nowhere fast.

Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: CANCER

LOVE: The feelings are big, but you do not finish trusting your partner, if you want everything to continue positively, you just have to speak clearly, of your doubts and your fears.

LUCK: Leave everything aside, and take a break, you need to catch up on fashion, go shopping and do not deprive yourself of anything.

WORK AND MONEY: At work do not enter into controversy, and try to go unnoticed, it will be best not to get into trouble.

Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: LEO

You may meet a particular person, or take up with a new group of people. Either way, this connection could help you expand your horizons in life.

This can have a positive effect on your life as long as you recognize the opportunities, and do not pass them up.

Destiny plays a hand in your life forcing you to change your path and reassess your purpose. This could mean literally letting go of people or projects that have helped shaped your life.

Weekly Horoscope July 2, 2018: VIRGO

You are required to make changes and adjustments in your life, particularly in the way that you usually express yourself. As a result, you undergo a process of letting go of the old in order to get on with the new.

Shifts and reversals in social patterns. Sudden meetings or separations. Meetings or dealings with rigid characters.