Syria: Suspicions of a chemical attack on Douma, suffocation cases (rescue teams).

Eleven cases of suffocation were reported after an air raid on the Syrian regime last rebel stronghold in eastern Ghouta, an NGO said on Saturday, rescuers denouncing a possible attack by chlorine, according to AFP.

Immediately after charges of the White Heads involved in the rescue efforts in the rebellious area, the Damascus state media denied any responsibility of Bashar al-Assad's regime and denounced the incident as a "hoax" of insurgents.

These charges arise after regime forces resumed their bombardment of the city of Douma, the last of Eastern Ghouta held since rebels Jaish al-Islam.

"Eleven people, including five children, suffered from an air raid on the northern outskirts of Douma," OSDO director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.
Suspicions of a chemical attack by chlorine on Douma

It was unable to determine the cause of the symptoms.

"Cases of suffocation among civilians after a raid over a residential neighborhood in Douma," wrote White Headphones on their Twitter account, evoking the use of a toxic gas containing chlorine.

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), a non-governmental organization providing logistical support to medical institutions in Ghouta, has presented a similar testimony.

A doctor from Douma treated "a number of patients with symptoms of chlorine exposure," said AFP Mohamed Kattoub, a SAMS official.

Sana agency quoted an "official source" promptly rejected any liability regime, denouncing a "farce".

"The military, which is progressing rapidly and decisively, does not need to use any chemical," he said, referring to the offensive launched on February 18 by government forces that have already recaptured 95% of the rebel territories in Ghouta.

The Syrian regime, which has repeatedly denied the use of chemical weapons, has been accused in recent months of suspected chlorine attacks, especially in Ghouta.

These accusations, "unrealistic" according to Bashar al-Assad, caused a scandal on the international scene, Washington, and Paris waving the threat of strikes in Syria.

Since the beginning of March, at least 60 cases of suffocation have been reported by OSDO in Ghouta, with medical staff evoking a possible attack with chlorine.

On Friday, and with the resumption of the bombing of the Douma regime, nearly 50 civilians were killed in air raids, according to OSDO.

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