Mark Zuckerberg announces new restrictions to the elections in the US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced new measures and restrictions to the elections to be held next year in the US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan and other countries to prevent the electoral process and to encourage positive message.

"With next year's next major elections in the US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan and several countries, one of my priorities for 2018 is to make sure we support the positive speech and prevent interference in the electoral process," writes Zuckerberg, recalling that, with the identification of Russian interference in the US 2016 elections, the company has successfully launched new instruments to tighten up the tens of thousands of false accounts in the 2017 elections in France, Germany and Alabama, and at the beginning this week, a network of Russian fake accounts was dismantled, including a media organization.facebok new measures and restrictions to the elections to be held next year in the US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan

Zuckerberg announces two big steps. The first is that every advertiser who wants to post political campaign elements or advertisements will be checked, must confirm the identity and location, and those who do not pass this test will not run any advertisement. Also, these posts will be marked as they are, and advertisers will need to tell users who paid for them. This measure will be first applied in the US, and in the coming months it will be expanded.

"For greater transparency of political advertising, we have also built a tool that allows anyone to see all of the ads that a page is running on. We test this system in Canada now and launch it globally this summer. also an archive in which to search for political advertisements from the past, "Mark Zuckerberg said.

Also, people who manage large pages will also be checked, which will make it more difficult for fake account holders to hold such pages to distribute false information.

To apply these measures will be employed thousands of people in time for the difficult months before the elections.

Mark Zuckerberg admits that these steps alone can not completely stop those who want to deceive the system but will make it more difficult for those who want to proceed as Russia did in the US elections in 2016 using accounts fake and pages to run ads.

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