A SIMULATOR allows you to know details of your death in the event of a nuclear explosion!

WIKI. We live in a dangerous world. Nuclear weapons don't make us any safer, quite the opposite. Understanding the dangers is the first step in making a change to a safer future.

The threat of nuclear confrontation is growing. But even unused, nuclear weapons have a destructive impact. What will it take for world leaders to abandon nuclear arms?

The organization Outrider Foundation created an interactive virtual simulator in which, anyone can see with their own eyes the consequences of a nuclear explosion anywhere in the world.

When you enter the page you can select the desired location and a type of nuclear bomb in a list with different options available.

Among them are the Hwasong-14, North Korea intercontinental ballistic missile, and the Minuteman III, part of the US arsenal.

Wiki What would a person feel before dying by a nuclear bomb blast

In addition, the user can choose the type of detonation desired: on the ground, which is less deadly or in the air, which would generate many more dead.

After that, the map shows the simulation of a nuclear explosion and the precise information about the damage radius, the shock wave, the radiation level and the temperature at the epicenter of the event.

Algorithms also determine the potential number of deaths and injuries as a result of the explosion.

According to Tara Drozdenko, managing director of the Outrider Foundation, the goal of the simulator is to raise awareness about the "global challenges" that humanity faces at the moment.

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