Smart Wiki: How you should store your food so that it lasts longer?

Do your bananas turn brown too fast? Do your vegetables spoil in the fridge?

Many of us throw food in poor condition because it expires before we have the opportunity to eat it.

Here are some practical tips that could help keep food fresh for longer, storing it correctly.

1) Tomatoes should be kept in a cool place until ripe, but never in the refrigerator. The cold air of this prevents them from maturing and breaks down their membranes making them mealy. Citrus and melons should not be stored in the refrigerator until they are ready to be cut.

2) The lettuce should be wrapped with paper towels to remove moisture and then put in a tightly sealed bag. It should be put in the fridge to keep the green parts cool.

3) It is advisable not to cut fruits, vegetables or meat until they are ready to be used, since exposure to the air will cause these foods to dry or decompose faster. Cutting vegetables can also release their nutrients and bioactive compounds so it is best to wait until the last moment to do so.

Smart Wiki How you should store your food so that it lasts longer

4) To make the fruits of the forest last longer it is advisable to wash them before leaving them in the refrigerator. The mixture of 1 serving of vinegar by 10 of water will help remove any mold spores that may contain the berries. Raspberries will last up to a week and strawberries up to two with this solution.

5) Storing potatoes next to apples helps keep them from sprouting. However, you should avoid contact between potatoes and onions, as both release moisture and gases that cause both to break down faster.

6) Olive oil should stay in a cool, dark place until it is ready to use. It should never be in the refrigerator or it could solidify.

7) The meat should be kept in the lower drawer of the refrigerator, where it will not drip over other foods. Very well wrapped to avoid cross contamination. Beef and pork lasts between one and two days in the refrigerator and three to four months in the freezer. The chicken lasts up to nine months frozen.

8) The milk should be stored in the center of the refrigerator instead of on the door shelves. Because here when you open and close the temperature fluctuates more and can favor that this is spoiled before.

9) Cheese needs some air to stay, so wrap it in baking paper instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Otherwise, it will dry out due to lack of transpiration.

10) To keep the bananas fresh it is advisable to wrap the stalk with plastic. The banana stalks produce ethylene gas, which makes the fruit ripen faster. Separating the bananas and wrapping each stalk individually can keep them fresh longer.