Carles Puigdemont News: Former Catalan President denounced "the permanent interference " of the Spanish state.

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has responded to the press in Berlin two days after the German state court of Schleswig-Holstein released him on bail of 75,000 euros.

Puigdemont began his press conference in the German capital with about a hundred media outlets reminding the pro-independence leaders who are in prison and confirming that he will set up his residence in Berlin while at the disposal of the German authorities.

"I continue to be in exile: if at the end of this process I will be allowed to travel freely, my final intention is to go to Belgium, in the meantime, my obligation is to stay here," he said.

The politician denounced "the permanent interference " of the Spanish state, which has prevented in his opinion the formation of a government in Catalonia after the last elections of December 21, and expressed his hope that  "The Spanish authorities realize that this conflict needs political instruments to be resolved. "
Carles Puigdemont pleads for dialogue with Madrid. Video footage from prison, in Germany

Puigdemont went to the media in the German capital to claim Spain "more politicians and fewer judges", support for this in the decision of the German court, contrary to that of the Spanish Judge Pablo Llarena, instructor of the case against the Catalan independence government.

"Until today it has been impossible to form a government in Catalonia because the Government [of Spain] puts obstacles and prevents it illegally." Catalan institutions have been living for months in a situation of occupation.

The parliamentary majority of the Parliament of Catalonia is the will of the Catalans and even then we can not form a government, "denounced the former Catalan president, who accuses Spain of not respecting the will of the majority of Catalans.

The pro-independence announced that he will not give up his seat and also regretted the "allergic reaction" of the Spanish right to his release, from which he said that "resurrects that autarkic vision of the Anti-European" that, he added,  "We must all be concerned."

The German state court of Schleswig-Holstein ruled that Puigdemont cannot be tried for a crime of rebellion as it considered "inadmissible" that there was violence during the dates close to the referendum for the independence of Catalonia on October 1, 2017.

The court released him on bail pending a decision on a possible extradition to Spain for the crimes of rebellion and embezzlement.

The Court of Schleswig-Holstein ruled that the crime of rebellion does not proceed because the former president of the Catalan Government cannot be considered responsible for "violence" during the day of the unilateral referendum on self-determination.

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