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WIKI. Who is Nasim Aghdam, the author of the shooting at the YouTube headquarters.

The author of the shooting at the YouTube site in California has been identified as Nasim Aghdam, a user outraged by the platform.

This 39-year-old woman went to the offices yesterday, fired her 9-millimeter pistol and shot three people. Minutes later he ended the shooting by committing suicide.

Nasim Aghdam, the woman suspected of shooting against YouTube headquarters had an active presence on the net.

The images and videos on Instagram as well as the YouTube accounts allegedly connected with Aghdam contained both political messages and advice on physical appearance, but also some strong criticism of YouTube.

Wiki Nasim Aghdam the author of the shooting at the YouTube site in California

Several of the accounts on social networks, including a Facebook and Instagram account, and several YouTube channels linked to Aghdam, have been cancelled.

Nasim father, Ismail Aghdam, commented to Mercury News that his daughter was "angry" at YouTube.

The woman had expressed strong criticism for YouTube's decision to demonetize certain channels.

She made a problem specifically with what she thought was a specific reduction on the audience of her videos.

Aghdam would also have participated in some political speech.

"BE CAREFUL! Dictatorship exists in all countries, but with different tactics!", Affirmed a website that seems to be linked to Aghdam.

In a letter about the YouTube movement to demonetize certain channels, Aghdam declared on the networks: "There are no equal growth opportunities on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow only if they want!"

According to reports, Aghdam, a resident of San Diego, drove from southern California to San Bruno days before the shooting, local news station KRON-4 reported.

It is believed that the gun he used in the shooting was a pistol with which he wounded three people before firing himself.

Nasim Aghdam PERSONALITY - Big 5 profile
Emotional range - 77%
Conscientiousness - 44%
Openness - 42%
Introversion/Extraversion - 34%
Agreeableness - 46%

Nasim Aghdam VALUES profile
Modernity - 54%
Constancy - 46%
Stoicism - 79%
Conventionality - 44%
Egoism - 69%