ARIES and TAURUS What kind of bride will you be according to your Horoscope.

Aries: the bride who leaves everything for the last minute

Confidence in yourself and your impulsive nature are a wild card when it comes to planning a wedding because you think you are capable of doing it all at once.

And surely you can do it, but after half an hour, you're already regretting having left all those final details for the last moment, which will translate into some quarrel with your fiancé.

Fortunately, you are a born leader and when things get complicated (when you finally decided to call to reserve the place where you wanted to celebrate the wedding they told you that you had to do it three years in advance), you will come up.

ARIES and TAURUS What kind of bride will you be according to  Horoscope

That determination of Aries prevents you from losing your nerves and voila! You get to find an even better and cheaper place. How did you do it? Seriously, how did you do it?

You will regret: leave the choice of the wedding menu for the last moment. You almost have to put appetizer oysters.

What people will remember about your wedding: How did you manage to reserve that exclusive place by calling only three weeks in advance?

Taurus: the quiet bride

Did anyone have the doubt that it would not be like that? Let no one know, but the procession goes inside when, for example, you have to choose the place where each of the guests will sit in the food.

You make all your friends already married feel envious of the good humor with which you have taken all the preparations for the wedding and, to those who have not yet married, you give them the hope that planning a wedding does not have to become a nightmare.

You show so much confidence and give so many patience samples that you make everyone involved in your wedding feel comfortable and that you are the one who has all the pressure and responsibility on top.

You will regret to: stingy with the reportage of the wedding. It's not that you care much, but it would not hurt to have as many images of a day so important so you can remember it over time.

What people will remember about your wedding: that amazing vintage wedding dress you found in a thrift store just five days before your wedding.