May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 1
If you do not have a partner you will fully enjoy the conquests you make, but remember that you should not be too promiscuous.

It is very possible that your family asks for financial help, do not turn your back on them, now is when they need you the most.

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 2 Your great love seems that it does not arrive, if you are alone it is because you do not want to look at your surroundings, you are more comfortable like that, without complications.

Do not expect great things at work that you are currently, if you want a change you have to provoke yourself, it will turn out very well.
may 2018 numerology forecast for personal year

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 3 You needed to hang closed for vacation for a few days. It will seem to you that much more time passes. 

It's the lack of free time you've had. When you have more activity for yourself, it seems that everything around you is paralyzed. It's time for you to get out of the car and start running on your own.

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 4 Friends are often not the best allies, in this case you can live a betrayal with one of them, be careful.

Do not open up to a new partner, he is waiting for his great opportunity and he will not hesitate to betray you.

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 5 In your desire to escape boredom, you — or
your partner — may be tempted by a relationship that seems to offer greater pizazz. But will this new union last? I wouldn’t bet on it.

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 6 You have a very close person who would love to receive a word of love. Look inside and you will see that the feeling is mutual.

Don't  bite off  more than  you can  chew. Watch the tendency towards self-aggrandizement, false pride, and over- indulgence in food and drink. Don't overspend.

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 7 Do not pay attention to the home remedies, if you are not well it is better that you go to the doctor, you will solve it before what figures.

Try to show your most human side with your colleagues, in some way, they need you, do not let them down.

This is not a good time to sign contracts or agreements, as there may be hidden factors. Communications in general are confused; misunderstandings may easily occur.

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 8  If you’re a poet, artist, or musician, you’re going to love this transit. 

But be prepared: The imaginative boost occurs at the expense of the ordinary things you count on Mercury for — like making intelligent decisions or remembering to pay your bills.

Power struggles may be likely today. You may encounter others  who try to force their will on you or others who resent feeling as if you are forcing your ego on  them. Try to compromise and find  a balance. 

May 2018 Numerology reading Personal Year 9 Relaxation seems to be something that your body has been claiming for some time. 

Everything you want to achieve, you will have at a spiritual level. A change of spiritual direction can lead you to obtain good personal results. 

It is rational to think that if your environment is obscured, so will your health. We are what we think and do. Do not forget that many of your decisions have been the cause of some of your conditions.