TIPS to love with intelligence. LOVE and relationships according to astrology.

It happens to many couples who eventually maintain their relationship thanks to resignation. 

They refuse to confront that it does not work and they prefer to live in ignorance and self-delusion of not questioning if they are really happy because if their partner loves them, that is enough to follow their side.

This happens because the human being in general is accustomed to the suffering to the point that the mind can come to accustomed to the sadness and the anxiety until considering them normal but while it does live leaving the life to pass, with a permanent taste.

There are three indisputable symptoms that confirm that a relationship is working from resignation and therefore does not make us happy: We begin to envy other couples who are happy, we feel strongly the memory of old loves (and we can even get to Get in touch with them) and we question strongly and insistently if we have fallen in love with the wrong person.
tips and tricks love and relationships according to astrology

Along with these, there are also emotional indicators such as sadness, depression, unwillingness, wanting to be constantly with other people, anxiety, boredom, feeling trapped, feeling good when the couple moves away, dissatisfaction with relationships, lowered from our self-esteem... all these symptoms have one factor in common: dissatisfaction.

Although these symptoms may be obvious that the relationship is not satisfactory, those who live it are not able to make the decision to end the relationship so easily.

The explanation is that our minds doubt and cower. There is a struggle between emotion and reason in which we try to feed on the memory of good times to continue with the relationship.

We must be aware that we have the right to happiness, so that we should not resign ourselves to a insipid life that does not fill us completely.

We can be happy and love without suffering and there are a number of tips to get it:

1) Dialogue: If something does not go well with your partner, dialogue with it in an understandable, sincere and true way.

If he refuses to do it, maybe you shouldn't keep wasting your time. Although this rule admits of course a big exception and are violent behaviors. Before them, the words are left out.

2) Do not expect miraculous changes: expecting a radical and miraculous change in another person only leads to a harrowing wait because that change will never come.

It is better that you do not get false illusions and be realistic because otherwise you could end up waiting for days, months or even years.

3) Commit yourself: Consider what are your objectives, what kind of relationship you want (from a reasonable point of view), what are your main projects in life and commit to them. Love doesn't have to change them.

4) Requires respect: you are a person and as such deserve to be respected. You can't demand a person to love you, but I do respect you and be honest with you.

5) Cultivates good love: good love must be reciprocal, reciprocity is the basis of a righteous love. Affective relationships feed on the exchange.

It is not selfishness but reciprocal altruism: together it is easier. In addition, good love requires quality and this translates into solidarity, autonomy and combines eroticism, friendship and compassion.

6) Feelings are not enough: you need to feel to start a relationship, but the feelings are not enough to be well in pairs.

The chemistry of love works as an initial push, but it is not enough to build a stable and lasting relationship. Love first hits and stuns us and then we need to rediscover it and reinvent it if we want it to work.