May 2018 CAPRICORN monthly horoscope prediction: Do not miss the opportunity to call your friends.

May 2018 Horoscope prediction for Capricorn born on January

Unexpected twists and turns on your professional path. A surprise can still lead you to success, but in a different way than you planned.

Conserve some energy for what's most important to you instead of getting hooked by your need to demonstrate your love by constantly pleasing others.

Your relationship does not go through a suitable moment. Distance is something that affects signs like yours.

You must think very clearly and carefully in all conversations and personal interactions and make sure nothing you say can be misconstrued.
May 2018 Capricorn monthly horoscope forecast

Do not be surprised that your words are often taken out of context and used to put you in a bad light.

Be especially weary of any members of the opposite sex who are looking to put you down.

It's nothing new, it usually happens when you meet someone and you discover that the time you can spend with that person is totally limited by a specific circumstance, you can get depressed.

You need someone to spend more time by your side, take you by the hand and understand you.

In the work you get very positive changes, even by the end of the year you can propose a change of category and with it a better economic remuneration.

Accept it, you are at your best working moment. If you do not have it, leave your pride and get the batteries as soon as possible and ask for help from your surroundings. You will have many more possibilities than you think to find something for you.

You will feel a little less lost and you will begin to see the light. As you do not know what to do, you will have to find ways to analyze all symptoms present in your body.

A little meditation, relaxation or some yoga, will help you to see the future much better. Know a more pleasant perspective of your everyday life and take the path towards greater inner well-being.

Good time to treat yourself, even if it's expensive. Do not miss the opportunity to call your friends, you have not seen them for a long time.

Sleeping for you is essential, otherwise your mood will not be the most positive, in addition, your nerves will shoot up and you will have a dog mood. Control yourself and you will avoid more than one discussion with your surroundings.

Capricorn zodiac sign born can make daring moves involving an object of affection, or see a relationship suddenly burst onto a new level.

Patience and tolerance would be the two basic words for you if you want to avoid any serious problems and disagreements with your partner.