LEO May 2018 Monthly Horoscope forecast: The stars will reward Leo with a few days of good health.

May 2018 LEO Monthly Horoscope prediction You may find yourself, at this time, demonstrating that you have what it takes to encourage people to follow your lead.

And they will, providing your intentions are for the common good. The secret to getting things done together with others is for you to lead by example, yet to remain one of the guys.

Freedom of action and independence is important to you now and you will seem to have more energy than usual. You may become interested in reformatory causes. You are open to trying new things now.

Boredom is not going to be part of the agenda of  LEO in the coming weeks because his positive attitude will make him more communicative with his circle of friends and his family, with whom he will enjoy some activities together in his spare time but has to learning to control that tendency to mood swings.
LEO May 2018 Monthly Horoscope forecast

Love will be stalking the single Leo, who live a time when you can meet people in leisure activities.

Those who already have their partner are going to live a small crisis of their love but should not fall asleep on the laurels and devote more time to the affairs of the heart even if they are a little tired from the stress of work.

A break in a quiet place to strengthen your love could perfectly settle the relationship.

The stars will reward Leo with a few days of good health in general although it is important to have healthy habits, without excesses, or overnights.

Leo should control nerves and stress so that your health does not feel like you did last year.

With respect to your career, you can expect changes to occur here, most likely involving others.

Possibly, there could be personality clashes or disruption through restructuring at work, which could create passing feelings of insecurity in you.

Alternatively, you may be feeling restless and dissatisfied with your career and decide to seek new work. Some people change jobs during this transit.

Prudence must also be maintained and not blindly trusted by people who have recently been known, if short trips are made: they may run the risk of loss of money or theft.

The best way to avoid problems will be to rely deeply on intuition rather than appearances. Mercury will make it easier for them to use a little more of their perception even if it has no solid foundation.