Astro WIKI: What kind of mother you are according to your zodiac sign.

Surely in more than one occasion you have thought (maybe when you had a collision with your mother): I'm not going to be that kind of mother.

Despite your determination, if the stars have something to say about it, it will not depend only on you...

Many of us may be frightened by the idea of motherhood and all that it entails.

It is also possible that, if you have decided to be a mother, you have already imagined what kind of mother you will be and even that sometimes you act as such, because bringing a child into this world is a great act of faith.

But what kind of mother are you really going to be?

ARIES Mother astrology reading
astrology wiki what kind of mother you are according to your zodiac sign

Strengths as a mother: trust, knowledge of the same, strength and bravery

Weak points as a mother: competitiveness, anger, narrow-mindedness, tendency to obsess, vanity and self-centeredness

Your way of educating children: The mother Aries does everything with a blunt style, so you will break into the world of motherhood with the desire to leave your mark.

Ruled by Mars, Aries takes everything in life as if it were a battle: standing, alert and always ready to win.

Motherhood is not for cowards and the good thing is that you are anything but a coward. In every woman Aries there is a goddess full of confidence, even if the goddess has a stain of milk in her jacket.

For you, the rarest thing about motherhood, especially in the early years, is to know that another human being depends entirely on you. Aries is one of the most autonomous signs that exist and their own needs are the first.

What's this about putting someone else's person in your hands, especially if they're so small? You'll need some time to adapt. Even if you adore your little bird, one thing is clear: you are totally different.

You may feel guilty about wanting your children to be self-employed as soon as possible, but you are the best at instilling that quality in them.

Aries never asks permission to be herself or to pursue her goals. You don't want to be a martyr mother. Your efforts will serve as an example of learning for others. You're a success-finding machine.

TAURUS Mother astrology reading

Strengths as a mother: stability, good taste, common sense, hardworking weaknesses as a mother: indulgence, materialism, mood swings, vanity

Your way of educating children: Taurus is the typical mother with two faces: it would be on one side, cheerful on the other. Sometimes you are very severe, but once you know that everything is under control, it's time to have a party!

The Taurus mother is very firm and especially adamant on certain issues that for her are fundamental. In every Taurus mother there is an old-fashioned girl who will not move a millimeter of the rules that she has marked. But behind that façade is a goddess with her feet on the ground.

You are the kind of mother who, if she could, would force her children to go to school on Sundays, but at the same time would also let them attend a birth at home or ride a motorbike at age twelve.

Taurus tends to get involved to unsuspected limits in the domestic economy. He is a person who believes in investments, so if he dedicates part of his life to raising a child, he hopes that others will recognize the effort invested.

You will educate your children to have good manners, respect authority and, if possible, to idolatren you and, therefore, when they are older you expect to continue to occupy a very important place in their lives.

You like to be close to your children, but you are not willing to sacrifice the respect they have to show you for being their best friend. As long as your children do not embarrass you publicly, skip one of your fundamental rules or disrespect you, there should be no problem. It's simple, isn't it?

When you are a mother you will have to use your qualities to manage complicated situations, something innate in most Taurus women.

Your pragmatism and professionalism make you a sort of general manager within your family. You love to organize the lives of others and you've been doing it with your friends and your family all your life.

Taurus Mothers do not care to be late to their social commitments, if they do because they have to apply for a place in a course or a private school or because they have to organize the birthday party of their children. When it comes to educating a child, you have the precision of a laser.

GEMINI Mother astrology reading

Strengths as a mother: versatility, young spirit, curiosity, tolerance, originality, creativity

Weak points as a mother: inconsistency, difficulty in setting limits, tendency to contradict oneself, impatience, talk or lecturing instead of listening

Your way of educating children: being a mother with many complex and sometimes contradictory personalities is never boring.

That's the mother Gemini. Variable and versatile, you make your family constantly wondering what next thing you'll say or do.

With Gemini you never know, so under your roof no one gets bored, even though some members of the House would not mind doing it occasionally.

Your rules can change without notice, so your inflexibility is sheer façade. Let, you can't help but contradict yourself sometimes. If you were a person consistent with your principles, you would not be a true and unpredictable Gemini.

Gemini is reputed to be a carefree person who is very difficult to commit to something. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, so your head is always working.

As a result of all this mental activity, you may be the most eccentric mother in the building... or the most stubborn. Your maternal instinct is unique.