Astro Wiki. Sapphire, the Stone of Truth and Wisdom.

Astrology Wiki: Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers Sapphire is one of the most recognizable and popular gemstones and, after diamonds, are the hardest material.

Its popularity and its uses have existed for hundreds of years, as a symbol of wisdom, leadership and other important features.

The ancient Persians believed that the sky was blue because they were the reflection of the sapphires. The Catholic Church and others use sapphires as sacred stones, as they claim they represent heaven.

It is believed that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments in tablets made just from this precious stone.

Kings, pharaohs and emperors have used sapphires as talismans and a token of wisdom, strength, concentration and leadership.
Sapphire Crystal the Stone of Truth and Wisdom

For example, King Solomon and Abraham wore sapphire amulets. To date it is linked to many properties and benefits, both physical and spiritual.

It is a stone that gives you courage, that sends you strength and ambition to go ahead, look for information or resources that will allow you to grow and go beyond what you think you can get.

Sapphire will always remind you that truth is going to make you free.

It is also a stone that uses many yogis, because it helps us to be alert and attentive.

It stimulates the third eye chakra and inspires creativity in the highest levels of wisdom that one can reach from our physical plane.

Sapphire is an ideal stone to increase concentration and maintain attention. It supports the conviction of man, helping him to fulfill his desires and ideals, firm in his beliefs and sure of himself.

Sapphire is also known as a "stone of prosperity " as it helps to focus on our goals and objectives, gives us mental clarity, eliminates FrustraciƓn and helps us to fulfill the dreams and desires we crave both consciously and unconsciously.

Sapphires, in their ability to give us mental clarity, help calm nerves and anxiety; They invite us to access a deeper level of our consciousness to better understand and learn more things.

It's like a mental and spiritual healing gem that helps us to have a positive attitude to life.

It is believed that sapphires help increase our motivation and discipline, as well as soothe our vibe when the mind is too busy or stressed.

Elevates our awareness and helps us to tune in with a higher being, to control our emotions and mind.

It is a symbol not only of wisdom and leadership but of honesty, power and good judgment. For its help to provide clarity and truth, it is a gem that can use both kings and politicians, executives, writers, judges, lawyers, journalists or professionals who look for all these attributes mentioned.