Astro Wiki: Reincarnation and its mechanism. Evolution continues.

You can believe or not in reincarnation. But if one does not believe, one loses that part of explanations that justify the world, as we observe it, which make reason for the apparent injustices and suffering of the most.

I personally believe the idea of reincarnation, the best explanation that I can reconcile with a god I do not know, and that gives meaning to the short life of a creature.

In fact, according to this theory, the evolution of each individual happens through many incarnations that allow him to understand a particular aspect of reality that is otherwise untestable.

Even if one wants to believe, none of us can claim to understand its mechanism, if not for general principles, which derive from the logic of what is observed; That is, from the movements of an evolving nature, and also from ancient wisdoms, which in a thousand languages widen the meaning of existence and indicate to us a... possibility.
Reincarnation and its mechanism Astrology Wiki

We are told that death is a transformation, a fundamental step in order to renew the soul structure that has allowed us to experience an aspect of life and reality.

It happens that after the death and before the new incarnation, the individual expresses and internalizes what he has learned on Earth.

The afterlife, then, must be understood as a moment of synthesis, of complete accomplishment of what is understood, and a kind of completion of what have been broken relationships, poorly managed or frustrated by events.

Living all this, realizing and dissolving their desires, the individual makes these things, an indissoluble part of relished consciousness, which acquires new perspectives and new evolutionary tensions.

Therefore, when the individual has explored all the plans of existence, that his sensibility and knowledge have allowed him, he is in front of an additional level that he perceives but does not comprehend.

This awareness creates the need and the need to know and understand, and these induces him the desire to incarnate to be able to later, continue even higher.

After the new incarnation, in fact, will repeat that path, living more and more refined situations until you get there where previously had to stop.

But this time he proceeds further, to where again, he will find something "unknowable " that would induce him again to reincarnate to acquire those tools that would allow him to know him.

This cycle of incarnations will bring to maturity such a consciousness that, at some point the individual will realize that he no longer needs to return to reincarnate, but is able to pursue autonomously his evolution, in full consciousness and consciousness.

Evolution continues, therefore, with modality and breadth that is not easy to describe.

The goal, however, is the feeling of being one with the cosmos, and then, even beyond... towards what we can neither understand nor imagine, which is the absolute, God. Is this possible?

As much as one can deny or accept, it remains a matter of faith, both in denial and acceptance.

However, if you accept, this hypothesis has the advantage of having assumptions of common sense, and that does not betray neither that which indicates the logic, nor what the heart suggests.