APRIL 2018 SAGITTARIUS psychic reading forecast in Love, Health an Money.

APRIL 2018 SAGITTARIUS psychic free reading You have a rather original attitude to relationships which probably comes from early experiences of the relationship between your parents, or perhaps an unusual connection with a sister, or an unconventional bond to another female.

The upbringing may be characterized by mixed messages as regards your own sexual identity - daughters perhaps encouraged to develop a masculine style and sons a feminine.

The perfect partner does not exist and you will never find him or her.

It is important to choose an equal - not someone you idealize or want to save - and it is important that the chosen one shares ideals and dreams which transcend conventional relationship needs.

Unhappiness and dissatisfaction in love is actually the result of unconscious impressions from your distant past, and these feelings actually have a spiritual purpose now.
APRIL 2018 SAGITTARIUS psychic reading prediction

You may have a powerful experience connected with some group activity now and gain greater insight into your soul and your fate as a human being.

There is also a strong tendency to be drawn into a web of spiritual illusions - though you will surely also have rewarding experiences.

You are drawn to partners who have a deep significance for you now, for good or ill.

APRIL 2018 SAGITTARIUS psychic forecast This is a good time to help others, as well as focus on music, the arts or spiritual pursuits. You will feel in tune with the universe.

You could have an exiting time doing something new or creative this month. You could be pleasantly surprised. Do something different or original and see what fun it brings you.

A time when you could make some wrong choices, in particular as they affect your living situation.

You might feel cut off from  your friends or be unable to make good decisions. An urge for social life that can quickly turn from good times to hard times.

Things are going to clear up and work out. Keep things in their proper perspective, and take things slow and easy. Don't struggle with your problem; take time off to rest and relax.

You must learn to go within yourself and use the divine power available. Life presents opportunities that are not always recognized because they are offered in the embryonic state.