APRIL 2018 GEMINI and VIRGO Tarot Deck Love Revelation.

April 2018 Tarot Deck Love free reading for Gemini male and Virgo female Virgo is enterprising and outgoing, whereas Gemini is security conscious and cautious.

Gemini benefits from the opportunities that Virgo creates and he, in turn, benefits from her common sense and ability to provide material protection.

Power is a major aspect of this planetary pairing, with one of you tending to dominate the other through emotional manipulation.

This is a complex relationship, which is at constant risk of being blown apart through power struggles and possessiveness.

Gemini your romantic and sex life is also easy and natural. You are strongly attracted to one another and feel happy and safe in each other's company. Virgo has a great deal of love and affection for you.
april 2018 gemini and virgo tarot deck love revelation

Virgo you think of Gemini as your partner and personal sounding board. There are things that you can say to her that only she can understand and appreciate.

You are attracted to her intelligence and way of thinking. She stimulates you mentally and there is an ease of communication between you.

Virgo forget about doing things the way you've always done them because she's intent on snapping you out of your routines.

She's come along to show you that there are alternatives in life. She may introduce you to new health and fitness regimes or fad diets!

Home is where the heart is. Living together is important to Gemini. Virgo makes his presence felt around the house and may take the lead in family affairs and decisions. He is house-proud and likes to make sure that your home is always presentable.

Your friends are simultaneously fascinated by and unsure of what to make of Virgo. They see him as someone who is independent and freedom-loving but also unpredictable and possibly unreliable.

Together, you enjoy an active life-style and take great pleasure in being constantly busy. You are open and direct with one another; and make your intentions known to each other without fear of disapproval or reprisal.