April 2018 ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI Tarot Revelation.

April 2018 ARIES Tarot Revelation You work hard around the home and get involved in home repairs and possibly car maintenance.

Many people just feel the need to relax at the end of a hard day's work, but you might prefer exactly the opposite--that's when you really get going.

Perhaps you develop a great vitality on the domestic front or in your private life. However, this is where your domineering and aggressive characteristics are most readily displayed.

You will receive a sign -- perhaps not immediately comprehensible -- somewhere along your way.

The serious thought needed to solve the puzzle will lead you (almost unconsciously) to true spiritual awareness.
April 2018 ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI Tarot Revelation Free Reading

April 2018 TAURUS Tarot Revelation The indecisive side of your nature has much to do with an internal clash of feelings and your desire to avoid conflict, making it difficult for you to integrate your energies into any life direction.

You may often feel tired, which offers you an excuse to avoid physical exertion or sporting activities.

You would generally prefer to suffer an injustice than to stand up for your rights.

But, once you do lose your temper, you may become so upset that nothing and no one can calm you.

Therefore, you may leave the impression that you are stubborn or uncommunicative.

Domestic matters directly pertaining to your home are the key focus now and responsibilities can come that you may not have encountered before.

April 2018  GEMINI Tarot Revelation You regain your ability to act. You have the strength to regenerate (now).

The conclusion of the process heralds an absolute new beginning in which you gather strength and the warrior in you can embark upon a new round in the game of life.

By acting intuitively and marshaling your talents, you lay the groundwork for success. Pay attention
to coincidence and luck, whether good or bad. 

The outer world mirrors your inner reality and tells you whether you’re on the right path.