APRIL 2018 AQUARIUS psychic reading forecast in Love, Health an Money.

APRIL 2018 AQUARIUS psychic free reading This is a period when your feelings and emotions exert a tremendous power in your life. Hopes and dreams about the future will be a driving force inspiring you to take action.

Day and night your mind is always active, which means you can be prone to insomnia. It can be difficult to switch off the internal chatter.

Reading before bedtime might help. Some Aquarius are real night owls; if not out and about on the town, they sit up watching late night television or the latest movie release.

Many Aquarius have extensive collections of both music and film. Even so, there are often technical glitches and misunderstandings when the trickster planet is retrograde, which frequently happen because we have not been paying close attention
APRIL 2018 AQUARIUS psychic reading forecast

Your self-reliance, stubbornness and tendency to dig in your heals in the face of adversity could result in a long, independent life.

You pride yourself on your common sense, practicality and stability, and look askance at men who behave like overgrown adolescents or shirk their responsibilities.

Your early conditioning was full of idealism, fantasy, and often illusion, perhaps even lies.

Dreams formed the basis of the imprint system, weaving an invisible pattern in your habits.

APRIL 2018 AQUARIUS psychic forecast When you share the natural Aquarius ability for organizational leadership, you can experience the more personal rewards of career accomplishment.

Your energy can be increased by your establishing social prestige for an organization that is bigger than yourself.

You have a very critical view of the world, but you must be careful to criticize others and yourself in a helpful manner, not merely to tear them and yourself down. You will have to learn not to say anything at all at times.

Discovering a sincere loving partner could be very important, as a lover will revivify your self-image reflecting your qualities back, and this can convince you that you are worthy of being loved. Your inner question mark over this urgently needs resolving.

You can be strongly inspired by a future vision connected with domestic happiness, a home or children.

There is, however, a tendency to go overboard. If you are hoping for the fulfillment of emotional dreams, so many opportunities can arise that you simply cannot make a choice.