TAURUS & GEMINI weekly horoscope February 25, 2018, Love, Work and Money.

TAURUS weekly horoscope prediction February 25, 2018


If you have been with your partner for a long time, take advantage of the influence of Venus in your sign, communication and complicity will be total and together you will have a great time.

If your heart has no owner, enjoy the most of the adventures that come to you without thinking about it anymore. the fun you will have guaranteed.


You need to have a little peace of mind and take time to get up to date, you have to go shopping and go through the Beauty Salon, you will feel much more relaxed and even more beautiful.
TAURUS and GEMINI weekly horoscope February 25

You will receive a visit from a family member you have not seen for a long time, this will make you very happy.

Take time out of where you can to spend it with him. To start the year well, do not forget to have a white Quartz nearby.


The work will be exhausting throughout the month.

You can feel very pressured by your superiors, try not to lose your nerves and see how everything goes as perfect, yes, do not forget to rest as much as you can to be perfect for the next day.

GEMINI weekly horoscope prediction February 25, 2018


If you do not have a partner it is in your hand that this changes, you have in front of you a person who is crazy about you, and it seems that you do not want to realize, give him a chance, because if you look inside your heart you will realize that you the same thing happens to you. Do not waste your time and enjoy it to the fullest.


Try to calm down and do things more calmly, because you have everything to your advantage so that you give the odd blow, especially in the knees.

You will not miss any proposal made by your friends enjoy everything you can and have fun, it will even help you relax.

For the end of the year night, put a red candle on your table, another white, yellow and green. They will give you good luck.


Your superiors know perfectly who they have working in your company. This will favor you when it comes to getting a promotion.

If you do not have it, put the batteries you need to return to the working world as soon as possible. Your economy is going through a good time, do not put yourself in a rusty plan and share it with your family.