TAURUS and GEMINI Love Compatibility 2018 - 2019. Harmony 50%, Tension 49%.

2018-2019 Taurus male and Gemini female love horoscope Taurus, with Venus in Aries, complements Taurus - who has Venus in Gemini - very well, as both are lively, sociable and outgoing.

She is looking for the excitement of the chase, whilst Taurus is rather flirtatious and inclined to fall in love lightly - so there is plenty of room for passion and competition here.

Neither is inclined to be possessive, but there may be a lack of commitment.

Both have strong erotic needs, though Gemini likes the challenge and the victory, whilst Taurus is very much into bodily pleasures. 

Gemini tends to blow off steam, whilst Taurus doesn't budge. Gemini is fiery competitive, Taurus slow to rouse.
gemini and taurus 2018 love horoscope reading

Taurus does not like to be dragged out of a routine, whilst Gemini never gets into a routine. 

Taurus may feel Gemini is superficial, while Gemini sometimes thinks he is too dull. The two natures are very different.

Gemini and Taurus 2018 - 2019 love forecast Whilst Gemini is seeking the Aries type...independent, inspiring and provocative - with a youthful, perhaps immature attitude to life, Taurus is seeking a freedom-loving Aquarius type - a person perhaps who can open his mind and bring an attitude of novelty and experimentation to the relationship. There is harmony and compatibility here.

Gemini you make Taurus aware of the need to make some kind of personal impact on society through personal achievement.

Perhaps you set an example yourself through your own status in society, perhaps you simply awaken his latent ambitions.

As a Taurus, you are seeking security and stability both materially and in your love-life.

At heart you have no desire to put yourself at risk, and therefore you appreciate a partner who you can count on and who appreciates the support you are so good at giving.

Your capacity for pleasure is considerable, so mutual enjoyment is an important value for you.