March 2018 SCORPIO psychic reading forecast in Love, Health an Money.

March 2018 SCORPIO psychic reading This transit activates the process of distancing yourself from outmoded principles, obligations and structures.

These will be replaced with new frameworks, which are more pertinent to your future needs.

Essentially, one phase of life is being brought sharply into focus and toward an eventual end and a new phase is being cemented into place.

To complete the transition, you must be prepared to accept a fundamental shift in attitude and outlook.

Metaphysical concepts or religious interests could appeal to you, and you may become involved with a group or meet a special teacher to further your understanding in these areas.
March 2018 SCORPIO psychic reading prediction

Generally, this transit suggests that you should avoid gambling or over-idealizing someone for your expectations could be rather lofty.

March 2018 SCORPIO psychic reading Consequently, you feel weakened and ineffectual.

This can lead to frustration and a misdirecting of your vital energies.

This is not a good time to start a new enterprise, expand a business or take on a challenge, because you will not have the vitality required for total success.

Also, avoid getting involved with questionable - or potentially dishonest - schemes as these could easily backfire on you and put your reputation at risk.

Emotional reactions that are unhealthy can be magnified to the point where it becomes obvious that they need to be dissolved.

On the other hand, an insufficient expression of feelings can cause loneliness and depression.

A feeling of impatience and a willingness to make bold, risky changes can cause you to suddenly alter the entire course of your life now.