GEMINI and CANCER Love Compatibility 2018 - 2019. Harmony 45%, Tension 54%.

2018-2019 Gemini male and Cancer female love horoscope  Gemini you embrace principles of freedom and justice, and want to be respected for your knowledge and insight.

You want your partner to complement you by being a good student and intellectual sparring-partner - questioning and curious - and by sharing your love of knowledge and travel.

Cancer, you need a partner who appreciates your emotional honesty yet can accept your own unfathomable and rather secretive nature.

You cannot tolerate any threat once you have made a commitment - your partner soon learns that flirtatiousness or emotional dishonesty has unacceptable consequences.

Gemini and Cancer share the same intense needs in a relationship. Love brings out the best and the worst in them.

Cancer and Gemini Love Compatibility 2018 - 2019 forecast

Deep insecurities about being loved can lead to scenes of jealousy or manipulative behaviour, which are often resolved through passionate erotic interaction.

Gemini and Cancer 2018 - 2019 love forecast Gemini and Cancer are therefore deep and thoughtful people, fascinated by secrets and hidden things.

Much is understood at an intuitive level, and the need to verbalise is not so strong, therefore communication between them may be sparse.

There is an inclination to nurse suspicions. There may be a tendency to interrogate too much, and to use silence as a manipulative tool.

There is a strong need to create a stable and secure environment. Cancer, with Moon in Libra has a greater need for social contact and activity.

As both these moon signs are ruled by harmony-seeking Venus, there is a shared need to be surrounded by objects of beauty, and to have a harmonious emotional life.

Cancer, you have a tendency to judge Gemini too hard and demand standards of honesty and clarity which only inhibit him more.

If you show dissatisfaction with his abilities, he will naturally feel even more clumsy.